Off Grid Eco SIP House plans for sale

front elevation of the house

Building your own ECO House?

Fiona Darey Architecture and Interiors are delighted to offer you the option to buy the plans for a stunning 200+sqm home constructed using Structural Insulated Panels and clad in Larch. From a complete set of planning detail drawings, you can purchase additional consultancy to help submitting your application, setting out the house on your plot and more.

Save £1,000s on Architects fees

This stunning house, complete with a roof terrace, should cost over £100,000 in Architects Fees (based on standard RIBA and ARB % fees). But you can secure each stage of drawings, from initial to full planning level, to complete construction drawings.

Contact us today, for a no obligation conversation and let’s start planning your new ECO Home!

Our estimates are that the build costs, not including groundworks – which will vary depending on your site – will be approx £500,000-£600,000. Planning phase drawings are available now, with detailed construction drawings currently being produced.

Prices for the planning phase drawings start from £5,000.
Detailed construction drawings from £10,000.
The represents an huge saving on architects fees.