Let’s think about energy!…please click + read…

It was an uplifting moment this week when the environment was mentioned in the news. Covid has dominated for so long in the tabloids but in the architecture news the climate crisis has never left the headlines.

To meet the carbon zero deadlines that lie ahead of us, many embrace the  necessary changes, as the frightening reality of climate change looms over us. However, many are scared about the changes as they seem costly, putting people under more economic and emotional pressure – at a time when all are being pushed to their limits.

So what can we do now to make a positive change? Well, energy consumption is a major player in terms of carbon emissions….and we all use energy every day, in one way or another. But if carbon output isn’t of interest to you, then why else should we be carefully re-assessing our energy use?  Well the bottom line that will push most people to make changes is COST.

UK energy demand is huge with a large variation between summer and winter. With this growing demand for energy we are already seeing costs going up as energy companies expand grids to meet demands. 

It is estimated that energy prices could increase by four to eight times to pay for the cost of the growing energy grid, and this sort of increase is already being seen across other areas of Europe. If we continue in the status quo, many will not be able to afford heating for their homes….that’s the bottom line.

Doom and gloom you say! Well, let’s face the problem head on…I really think now is an exciting time to learn more about how all can make small changes that will increase energy efficiency…..and believe it or not…..these changes will also create healthier buildings, better wellbeing….and good economic future planning.  

Check in to my next blog on how to make your building more energy efficient, or contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Written by: Fiona Darey